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We are always looking for friendly and reliable candidates to join our volunteer team, and to help us in representing our fantastic festival. Great volunteers make a great festival, and we like to reward our volunteers with the opportunity to attend some of the screenings for free!


Volunteer Positions

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Contact phone #
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Every shift volunteered and completed nets you a pair of tickets; redeemable for any film during the festival!
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Please see the list of descriptions listed either below this form (on mobile) or beside this form (on tablet or computer) for a breakdown of the positions available.
Emergency contact number:
Emergency contact number:

I am willing to do any position!

This is a great choice for someone who is adaptable/ competent/ comfortable in any role. And, someone who likes to be surprised.

I am willing to do any position AND be an on-call

This is a floating position. It is a great fit for someone with an open schedule, and adaptability/ experience/ competency with any role.


Duties Include:

  • keeping an accurate head-count of film attendees for each screening on shift


Duties include:

  • doing an opening count of the cash box, available merch items

  • setting up the payment acceptance services and testing to make sure they are in working order

  • selling merch items and accepting cash/credit payments

  • completing a closing count and deposit of the cash box

  • collect email for our email list


Duties Include:

  • ushering them in the direction of where they need to go in the theater

  • ushering them to the box office if they require ticket sales

  • aiding festival goers in getting settled in the theatre if required 

  • collecting ballots at the end of the screening