2018 Audience Award Winner Announced

The votes are tallied, and our audiences have spoken! Overall response to this year’s feature film selections was outstanding, as EVERY film we showed this year averaged a 4+ out of 5 audience rating! But there can only be one ‘champion’ crowned, and we’re thrilled to announce that this year’s CTV Audience Award goes to THE FRUIT MACHINE, Sarah Fodey’s shocking and emotional documentary about the Canadian government’s campaign to ‘out’ civil servants and military personnel that they suspected of being homosexual, in a DECADES-long attempt to destroy the careers - and lives - of ordinary Canadian citizens.

CONGRATULATIONS TO SARAH, and ALL OF OUR 2018 FILMMAKERS, for sharing their stories with us!


  1. THE FRUIT MACHINE (*Winner)

  2. TUCKED - 1st Runner-Up

  3. MAN MADE - 2nd Runner-Up

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